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  • Wilka is a speaker/facilitator in this wonderful 1-Day Vacation for a Woman’s Soul
    Language: Nederlands and/or English

    Your pathway to
    * Pursuing your passion
    * Realizing your dreams
    * Creating a vision for your future
    * Accessing avenues to emotional & physical health
    * Bask in the light of women coming together for one another

    includes lunch & dinner

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    Many women do and it expands our connection!

    Wilka Zelders facilitates a mini workshop: ‘Slow down sister and feel your true power’ 

    Women definitely have a different energetic make-up from men. As women we are aligned with the rhythm of nature, the seasons and the moon. We are able to birth new creations, not through pushing, but through an organic process of alignment. Women have a very magical place inside of them: our womb space. If we attune to this space while we go into introspection, we know what is necessary right here, right now.
    Have you listened, sister, to the wisdom of your womb space? Have you shared from that space, created from that space? Once we start doing this our impact in the world will become more beneficial, while it nurtures our own needs, wants and desires at the same time.
    Let us slow down during this short interactive presentation, and feel our true power.

    Wilka Zelders has been teaching the Art of Feminine Presence (AFP) as a licensed teacher since 2011. She has guided thousands of women to connect with their womb space and the sensual rhythm of their own energetic flow. She also is a tantrica and walks a shamanic path as a ceremonial alchemist. Her ‘Handboek Energetische Basiskennis – hoe energie voor jou werkt’ is a bestseller, with reprints every year.
    She is an artist, spiritual mentor and teacher ‘Energetisch Coach’ at Sonnevelt Opleidingen.
    Her greatest passion is to co-create in beauty, as lightbeings within a human body, in alignment with the evolution of Grandmother Earth. 

    Plan your day

    09:00 Welcome
    09:10 Morning Session with 3 Speakers
    13:00 Lunch
    14:00 Afternoon Session with 3 Speakers
    17:30 Social Hour
    18:30 Dinner
    20:00 Completion of the Day

    Other speakers

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 – Empowerment and Healing Transformation
    Mariëlle Doornberg – Healing with Essential Oils
    Devorah Medwin – Learn by heart, play with intention, explore and expand the practice of being you! 
    Thabita Stindt
    Marga Berlinski – What it means to be a woman

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    Hotel Gaia

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