Wilka Zelders (aka Aysha Free Spirit)

visionary, mentor, coach, artist, writer, teacher, healer and inspirational speaker

Since so much of my work is inspired by a personal perspective I think it is nice if I introduce myself to you, before you decide to work with me.


Born in the Netherlands in 1955 I can easily say I am a true child of the sixties, where so much information, possibilities and avenues to freedom suddenly opened up. Raised in a normal Dutch family I created enough challenges to always rock the boat and step out of the status quo.
With a fair amount of enthusiasm, passion and intelligence it was easy enough to pass several studies, find jobs (also when traveling and living abroad) and ultimately start my own business in 1999, as an independent graphic designer, artist and energy & life coach.
Making money, building a carrier or impacting the lives of others was never a goal I persuaded, but following the path of my passion and inspiration this has nevertheless brought me to create my own source of money, a successful business, as well as a certain amount of fame and the creation of a legacy, without chasing for prospects. Just so you know it is possible to live and work in an intimate and relevant relation with the abundance of the Universe.

My studies include:

  • University of Applied Sciences in Social Studies
  • University of Applied Sciences in Media en Information Management
  • Designer/illustrator/drawer for PR material, books and magazines
  • Medical Basic Knowledge
  • Natural Dietetics
  • Several levels of Vortex Healing
  • Reiki I, II en III (master)
  • Healing of Grace
  • Flower of Life
  • Quantum Touch
  • ChinFlex
  • Rebalancing Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Womb Wisdom
  • Art of Feminine Presence
  • Women’s Way
  • Tantra
  • The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path

Projects and community service

Growing up in the sixties and seventies it was very normal to have an awareness of my personal impact on the greater collective, our own society, as well as the world society and even our cosmic society.
I was always involved in social activities that were meant to support every person in this greater collective, from squatting empty houses, to voluntary work in kibbutzim in Israel, to creating street theater and music, to attending to large demonstrations, to bringing back colorful art in the city while illegally painting blank walls of empty houses and office buildings. Always co-creating with a flexible tribe of like minded people.

In later years I started to voluntarily participate in large Earth healing activities, traveling the world to meet and work with others from across the globe and spending my own money to do so. Examples of this are my involvement in the world wide Earth Healing Project of the Earthgates with Saskia Bosman, the activation and maintenance of New Cities of Light all across The Netherlands and, since a few years, my free webinars to help people connect with their greater perspective and raise their own frequency as well of that of their environment and the Earth at large.

With her ability to see multiple layers of reality and her wholehearted commitment to world transformation, Wilka is here for those who want to move beyond their limiting beliefs and (re)connect with both their own as well as planetary destiny.

What motivates and inspires me

The keywords of my work – ‘unlock your power, activate your destiny and become connected’ – have been my own motivation throughout my entire life. “Who am I? What am I here for? And how can I leave this place in a better state?” are questions that always accompany and direct the journey of my life. In my lifetime I have met thousands of people who – sometimes unconsciously – feel inspired by these same motivations.

I have been enormously blessed with teachers of all sorts who walked before me and whose writings, teachings and hands-on experience have guided me on my path since my puberty. All these encounters helped me to grow and nurture my natural talents, intelligence and sensitivity.

What I learned throughout my absolutely adventurous life, is that the greatest gift as well as the greatest challenge is to become my own authentic power, destiny and connection. It is with much joy, humbleness and gratitude that I take over from my predecessors to become your inspirator and teacher – now that you cross my path – and support you to step into your power and come home to who you truly are.

How I inspire others

What I largely missed in regular education and work was an awareness of the impact of different ‘states of consciousness’, as Ken Wilber calls it. How to reach those different states of consciousness, how to enhance them and create from them has therefor become the main focus of my own work.
In a nutshell I largely teach you how to be present in the everyday world and in tune with your own inner world at the same time.

I inspire and teach you:

  • to raise your energy vibration and clear and align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of intelligence and presence in order to experience freedom and happiness, because you are at home with yourself.
  • to develop and train practical techniques to stay tuned to your highest truth and love, while working and living in the everyday world in order to authentically share your gifts and activate your true destiny.
  • to step into ‘the flow’ and develop your magical abilities of co-creation and freedom in order to experience connection and belonging every day of your life.
“You can breath now, your life will find the meaning and direction of your dreams”.