“Magic could be called the applied science that is based on an understanding of how energy makes patterns and patterns direct energy”

– Starhawk –

Universal blueprints of creation

The images you see and experience on this page are all conscious constructions of energy patterns. Although Aysha Wilka is well aware that these images are mere reflections of a much more complicated reality, you can use them as portals to enter higher states of consciousness and connect with your own deepest truth.

Just browse through the portfolio, sit back, relax and feel how your particles react to these images and experience what medicine you receive from them.

Magical downloads from the Quantum Field

The ‘Universal Blueprints Of Creation’ show you energy patterns that hold visions of the highest possible outcome for humankind. These holographic patterns are present in ‘the Quantum Field’, which holds all our personal and collective dreams as well as our Divine destiny, like a giant all-encompassing Wikipedia.

Each of these patterns connects you to a different phenomenon that is or could be part of your reality: for instance the energy pattern of The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine, an electromagnetic protection shield, the energy of your Soul lovingly burning away your karmic patterns, the energy of trusting your own rebirth into a new level of consciousness or the sacred healing energies of The Temple of Water.

“Genius is by definition a style of consciousness characterized by the ability to access high energy attractor patterns”

– David R. Hawkins –

Receive support to manifest your dreams of love, peace and happiness

Since all form arises from the Quantum Field – involving all of nature (including humans) – these images are here to support the manifestation of your dreams as well as personal and collective growth and well-being.

Ones you connect with these ‘Universal Blueprints Of Creation’, your own body, heart, mind and soul will start to resonate with these high frequency energetic patterns and start attracting new feelings, thoughts and experiences in your reality. This actually is an act of both magic and genius.

Watch an animated impression of some artworks and immerse yourself in an uplifting energetic experience.

Let the energies do the work and raise your vibration to the frequencies of love or above.

“We’ve got several of Wilka’s Energetic Paintings of ‘Blueprints Of Creation’ in our house. As a result the atmosphere is balanced, harmonious and filled with the right energy. We are grateful that we could buy these inspiring co-creations of Wilka at such a good price value.”

Evert Heintz

Owner, Insight Adventure - Teambuilding | Vitality | Inspirational Business Training & Coaching

Bring them into your life

For those who really want to benefit from these interdimensional portals or just enjoy their beauty and inspiration in their home these powerful, ‘high-energy attractors’ are available in limited editions of 15 pieces only.

You will find them in the webshop. According to your whishes they can be printed on different materials like giclee, dibond, Perspex, alufold or polyester (large flags).

Part of the collection is also available as greeting cards or stickers. You will find them in the webshop as well.


Glicée printing is the best quality of printing available. Done by craftsmen, with durable inks on top quality canvas. These are prints that can be enjoyed for more than a lifetime.

– 60 x 60 cm
– 80 x 80 cm
– 100 x 100
– 40 x 60 cm (landscape or portrait)
– 60 x 90 cm (landscape or portrait)


Alumount are artworks printed on aluminium. The shining surface of the aluminium gives extra depth to the art. The artwork changes dramatically in various lighting.

– 60 x 60 cm
– 80 x 80 cm
– 100 x 100
– 40 x 60 cm (landscape or portrait)
– 60 x 90 cm (landscape or portrait)

Polyester banner

Polyester prints are durable, and available in large sizes. Let your imagination run free with wall-to-wall printing.

– several sizes