Try experiencing nature in a different way

A few days ago I learned a huge lesson about the bigger scheme of things in the nature of reality, and about my own place in it. In the mirror of that event I received a lesson of humbleness and gratitude that brought me to tears.

On the same day that I was in a meeting to prepare for a symposium on nature beings – communicating with these powerful, although ethereal beings on a sweet and very grounded level – my son was at the biggest two day house festival in Holland, just around the corner of where I live. In fact he was there to entertain people who were seeking for a place to rest, with animated visuals of my artwork. Like all my artwork, these videos are showing the holographic universe behind the veil that separates us from the worlds in other dimensions, like the domain of nature beings and elementals.

Checking in from a place of love or checking out from a place of anger

On my way home I suddenly felt the urge to change direction and drive to the 19 hectares wide festival terrain and sniff up some of the vibes there. And remember I was still in this high frequency love vibe of the elemental connection.

While I was passing the festival I was really touched by all the beautiful tents and arty stages and the thousands (60.000!) of people together in a vibration of joy and connection. Seeing that filled me with happiness and gratitude. And after I sent a love beam to my son I went home.

The next day the festival continued but now the wind had turned and the sound drifted all the way to my house, 8 kilometers away from the festival. The entire area was penetrated by intense house beats; the air, the trees and animals, the buildings and yes, the people. It felt as if the fast beats were torturing every inch of my reality and I actually started to get irritated. I did not ask for this 12-hour bombardment of stressful input.

And before I knew it I started to judge these ‘unconscious’ people with their overwhelming presence, using words of love and connection, but all the while neglecting the precious harmony of nature. I started getting angry at my son for being there, and angry at myself for being so stupid to lend my work to be part of this. And with my earplugs in I went to bed feeling sad, disappointed and angry.

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The forces of nature show themselves

What woke my up a few hours later was the flash of lighting, followed by huge thunderclaps. I was wide awake and pulled out my earplugs. The festival had ended and the irritating beats had stopped, now replaced by nature’s sounds of an enormous thunderstorm. Thunder and lighting all over the place and a downpour of rain as if the heavens had opened.

And suddenly I saw it and felt it. I felt the love and perfection of nature. There was no judgment in nature about the festival and how it had effected the world around it. Instead there was joy and pleasure and an equivalent answer. The beings of lightning, thunder and rain were having a ball, while clearing out all the debris that had surfaced thanks to the ongoing beats over the weekend.

Suddenly I saw how everything is working together, even if we are not aware of it. I saw the bigger picture so to speak, of the love and joy that was guiding these young people to create and attend the festival and how their passion also had a function of shaking up the field in ways that could not be neglected. All the shadows just had to come out of their corners, including mine. After this shake-up nature took over in complementary ways, restoring harmony, but on a higher level, which would not have been possible without these 48 hours of shaking heart beats.

“And suddenly I saw it and felt it. I felt the love and perfection of nature.”

Thank God for moving beyond judgment

When I let this beautiful picture unfold before my ears and eyes, my heart opened up completely, for the grandeur of creation. It was humbling to realize how I can never judge from my own small perspective, not others and not myself. Everything that had happened to me in these past 48 hours was just in place, my world had been opened up for a bigger picture and my love just started to poor all over it. I was crying tears of gratitude and forgiveness.

And for me personally the best part of it was that the next day I could completely open up to my son’s excitement about his experience. To all of it, without having to hold back my shadow judgments, because I had seen them and healed them. While they had always been there before – with my son always noticing them, of course – I could now release both of us from this narrow prison and breathe in my love for life in every particle of my being.

In God’s creation there is no judgment, and no limitation. These only exist in our own minds and scarred little personalities who are afraid they won’t survive.

I breathe again, larger then before, while releasing pain and cramps from my body. I bow in gratitude and joy for this amazing creation.

Amen. And namasté


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