Discover your ‘creation empowerment tool for your future Human Beingness’

Working with the elements of Nature

On the path between birth and death you travel this Earth and interact with nature constantly. In fact your own body IS nature, constructed of the same elements as everything on this planet: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Every one of these elements represents an aspect of your being: body (earth), emotions (water), thoughts (air) and spirit (fire). When you are able to balance these four aspects of your being and align them with the evolution of your consciousness as well as the evolution of this planet, you can become a mighty creator: a Whizzard who serves the Divine Unity of All Beings.

Focused energy, reference points and travel companions

In order to become such a conscious planetary co-creator you need a certain amount of focused energy, as well as reference points and travel companions to guide you on this magical human journey.

The travel companions that offer their services through the Whizzard Project are the conscious beings that create and sustain tangible reality. We call these creative forces of nature “alchemical elemental beings” or “Deva’s”, because of their ability to combine the four elements in such a way that we experience tangible reality, continue to grow and reach new perspectives. Love being the force that unites everything.

The six alchemical Deva’s accompanying you through this project are:

  1. Lava
  2. Myst
  3. Vapor
  4. Clay
  5. Whirlwind
  6. Lightning

They will direct your attention to certain reference points, visible on the ‘Whizzard Cards’ as holographic images, containing specific energy and information. When you align your consciousness and energy with these holograms, they will unfold their gifts within you and reveal perhaps some challenges.

“If you are ready for adventure and want to align with the power of beauty and playfulness, then the Whizzard Cards will become powerful allies along your way.”

Changing perception, transforming reality

When you start connecting with the Whizzard Cards and carry them in your ‘toolkit for awakening’, they will lead you to a growing perspective on life in general, while at the same time enlightening your own path of realization.

You will discover unknown harmonic energies inside yourself and find a new understanding of love, beauty, wisdom and unity. This will change your perception in such a way that it will expand your experiences of joy, pleasure, peace and harmony and the realization that you can create all of this and more and thus transform your reality.

Taking an animated journey

The video’s will take you on a journey into a deeper layer of your consciousness if you allow yourself to just sink into the experience. This is ‘mindfulness in art’, where your focus and attention on the animated holograms will bring balance and harmony to your mind, body and soul.

The music on these video’s was originally created by ‘A Band Of Wizards’, six musicians and Wilka as the ‘director’ who only used the images and their inherent energetic information to create magical soundscapes into which the mind can freely journey and always discover unknown territory. This original magical music is available through the webshop.

Watch an overview of all Whizzard Cards in the first clip and emerge yourself into their healing energies.
Or enjoy the animations of the five holograms created by the Deva of Lava (integration of Earth and Fire – Body and Soul):

  • Healing Waters
  • Natural Waves
  • Unity
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Birth

Original artwork: Wilka Zelders and/or Jhadten Jewall
Original music: A Band of Whizzards
Remix: Marc van Mourik
Animation: Studio Micha Klein, Mao Lin Liao

You can purchase the DVD with all animations of Lava in the webshop.

Six elements covering nine phenomena

The Whizzard Cards are available as a set of 36 cards with holographic blueprints, covering nine creational phenomena:

  1. Cosmic Awareness
  2. Earthing
  3. Creative Forces
  4. Birth
  5. Balance
  6. Natural Waves
  7. Healing Waters
  8. Transforming Powers
  9. Unity

What this means, and how they wil actually work for you, will become more clear while you read the book and create your own experiences. Furthermore, we are creating an e-course where we will guide you in bringing this creational empowerment tool directly into your life.

How to use this set

The set of cards comes together with an inspirational book. This allows you to use the cards on a daily basis, or as a support in your healing or coaching practice. One of our clients, uses them as a support for designing landscapes, someone else always takes them on every journey and yet another client, working in construction, uses them while building houses with natural materials. In fact, however you feel inspired, you use them as your elemental friends, ready to support the materialization of your dreams.

In the book you will find

  • all background information – who, when, where, how and why
  • inspiration on how to work with the set
  • channeled message about each of the nine creational phenomena that are covered by the alchemical elementals
  • short channeled messages with each hologram
  • in-depth prayer with each hologram
  • information about the authors and their story


Through reading the book you will be transported into the deeper layers of your awareness, while receiving the support of the elemental kingdom. You will notice different insights and transformations taking place each time you connect with the energetic information.

The Whizzard Cards come in three different editions:


  • Velvet edition: small cards (8,5 x 12 cm) in velvet box, complete with all 36 cards and accompanying book
  • Treasure Box: large cards: (19 x 23,5 cm) in beautiful wooden box, coated with purple velvet, complete with all 36 cards, accompanying book, wooden standard and natural crystal pendulum
  • Large edition extra: large cards: (19 x 23,5 cm), complete with all 36 cards and accompanying book in organza pouch

All editions are available in both English and Dutch.

Some of the holograms have been turned into a giftcard or sticker. You will find them in the shop section.

Obtain your own toolkit to work and play with

You can easily obtain the complete set of Whizzard Cards through ‘The Wilka Zelders shop’ and thus bring them into your own life.

Connecting with these holographic energies is really simple:

  • You relax your mind and invite it to be curious instead of analyzing; the energetic information goes beyond its rational limits
  • You ask for guidance from your Soul
  • You choose or pull a Whizzard Card to receive the energetic medicine captured in the image
  • You use your imagination to align with the holographic information
  • You call upon the help of the specific Deva who created this hologram to connect with what needs to be moved, healed, activated or transformed within you
  • And then you trust the Life Force Energy to integrate and balance this energetic medicine with your own body, heart, mind and soul.


This amazing and magical project is co-created by Wilka Zelders, Jhadten Jewall and many others.

Wilka Zelders

Wilka Zelders


Aysha Wilka Zelders lives in the Netherlands and is an internationally known artist and author. She is an energy facilitator for consciousness transformation and committed to co-create a world where every living being can thrive in peace. She trains women to come home into their true feminine power and offers teachings, trainings, meditations, personal mentoring and in-depth healing to all who want to grow beyond their limiting beliefs..

Jhadten Jewall

Jhadten Jewall


Jhadten Jewall lives in Canada and teaches worldwide. He is committed to co-creating global awareness so that the community of mankind may evolve in peace and wholeness. The first step towards that goal is creating personal awareness and focus.
To assist clients with this, Jhadten has many services, such as Soul Essence Readings, Soul Portraits, CDs with guided meditations and code transmissions, sacred journeys, and workshops/conferences.