Proud to Be a Woman

Living and working from the feminine essence

Introduction workshop Sweden near Götheborg
somewhere between 25 – 29 May 2018

– Living and working from the feminine essence –

1-day workshop to taste and bring powerful gifts home with you

You, my beautiful sister, have a gift to give to this world.
I know for sure, because this is why you are here.

Do you already know YOU ARE THAT GIFT?

Image: Mariëlle van Dop

It is not so much about your skills

it is about who your ARE!

Just for a moment, imagine how wonderful it would be to just completely enjoy the woman you are, enjoy your beauty, your worthiness, your unique presence, your joy, your bliss, your sensuality and your perspective on world matters.

The woman you are is exactly what the world needs and deep in your heart you know this is what you WANT TO and CAN give.

Your being a woman means so much more then looking attractive, being caring and understanding or capable of holding space for everyone else. To prove you are more then this you do not need to just fall back on choosing the masculine skills such as perseverance, efficiency, target orientation, no-nonsense or perhaps even conquering your opponents…

What if you would embrace your feminine essence as one of the crucial forces in creation, a force YOUR Soul choose to embody?

Could you learn how to do this? To be present in a feminine way that is mighty powerful? Yes for sure, but not from a book. I is possible through experiencing this force together with other women, through training and maintenance. It is clear that we have to somehow take back our feminine ground. And nobody can do a better job then you yourself.

Basic Course:

The Art of Feminine Presence

Beautiful woman, yes you, do you feel safe and daring enough to be completely visible in this world? Can you see the healing and uplifting impact of a woman who radiates her true essential feminine energy?

Or does this challenge you so much so that you are willing to give up on this, or rather, not even start with it? Maybe you, like so many women with you, have found a safe have in being neutral or perhaps even more masculine in your appearance and behavior.

Wouldn’t you say this is rather a pity? The woman your ARE is supposed to be here, powerful AND radiant. The world becomes a better place with your presence.

Believe me, I used to be in that place myself. And I thank the Universe for all the teacher who walked before me to help me step on my feminine path and restore my trust and self confidence as a woman.

If you recognize yourself in this, it might be the right time for you to take this basic course of The Art of Feminine Presence. This program helps you to discover:

  • How to FEEL your own, authentic feminine force
  • How to SHOW your own, authentic feminine force
  • How to ENJOY the safety of your own, authentic feminine force, while being in the company of others.
  • How to expand your own, authentic feminine force in your relations, your work, your mission and more.
  • How to connect with your own, authentic FEMININE LEADERSHIP, and discover how to let her blossom and thrive.
Come to the 1-day introduction workshop in Sweden somewhere between May 25 – May 29 2018

Artwork by Marian Huysman: “My feminine essence matters.”

Hundreds of women went before you in discovering how to stay present while being seen and heard.
The simpel, yet deep, special feminine presence meditation – which we ONLY practice in our life groups – brings you HOME, where you can feel the bliss inside your own belly. A place you can always return to, ones you know how to find your way home.

I would love to pass this amazing meditation to you, as a unique gift from one woman to the other.

The Seven Aarts of The Yin Empress

A Yin Empress is aware that her own feeling of well-being influences her environment.
  • She is aware that it is not egotistical to want to feel her own lust for life and energetic fullfilment first, before she starts sharing it.
  • Deep inside she knows that these feelings of happiness, connection and fullfilment expand from her own core, from her heart- and wombspace, into all life all around her; her family, her neighbourhood, her collegaues, students, clients.
  • Like most people, she longs for a world of dynamic, creative peace, where there is a place for everyone.
  • Conscious of her impact, she develops, nurtures and refines the seven basic elements that let her be a pleasant example for others, without it depleting her and without others feeling manipulated or over shadowed.
Every woman has the potential to be a Yin Empress. Is she calling YOU to be awakened, nurtured and supported inside of you?

If so, I invite you to join this powerful, deep and yummy training program in order to lay the foundations for your inner Yin Empress to blossom and thrive. There are seven arts – connected with each other – that form the basis of your own ‘imperial’ abilities. In this training we will discover each of them for you to embody.

We work with a combination of practices from the Art of Feminine Presence and old mystery schools such as tantra, the wisdom of the Essences, as well as modern techniques to support self love, self appreciation, self devotion and self care.

This training is available for those women who have trained the practices used in the Art of Feminine Presence Basic course. It will be available in Sweden as off 2019.


What you can learn from me

Throughout my very rich life, filled with challenges, and with the help of many teachings, training programs and through being a healer and teacher for almost 30 years, I have been able to discover what it is to live from my feminine essence. A discovery that continues to unfold itself!

I know many of the pitfalls, the fears and distractions. But more beautiful and exciting then that, I have also come to know the indescribable joy, freedom and vitality available to me when living from my feminine essential core.

I have worked with groups of 2 – 2000 women, and – as an ‘elder’ – I can now say that only when we govern our fantastic feminine bodies in a feminine way, our Life Force Energy will continue to flow in abundance.

For many years it has been and IS my passion to support the women of this world to experience the expansion of their feminine essence and force and to pass on my knowledge and expertise.

Art of Feminine Presence

As certified teacher in the ‘The Art of Feminine Presence’ , and after 6 years of intensively teaching these practices, I teach you some simple, yet very effective practices that help you come ‘home’. Now your life and work can grow from this place of abundance, safety and feminine determination. You can receive these teaching both in private sessions or in group trainings like the Art of Feminine Basic Course or The Seven Arts of The Yin Empress.


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