“Art does not reproduce the visible,

rather it makes visible.”

– Paul Klee –

“Wilka is a very special artist (and much more than that) with a very pure connection to the higher dimensions and the Divine. Therefore her art is very beautiful and inspiring on many levels. She has created a ‘Soul hologram’ picture for me. I used this on my website and my brochures and cards, but more important even: it helped me connect to my own higher Soul levels and manifest them better in my physical existence!”

Navah Tsiporah Verhoeven

Spiritual Healer | Musician

Quantum Field Art

Aysha Wilka receives the inspiration for her visionary art from beyond what our five senses can perceive. After many years of training her natural talents, she is able to ‘enter’ the Quantum Field and perceive the holographic blueprints that emerge from our evolving consciousness. Each of these images connects you with a different ability, perspective or inspiration.

Mindfulness in Art

Just by looking at the images your attention gets focused on certain coherent patterns that calm your emotions and balance your mind. Vibrating with a mysterious force these patterns then start to attract new thoughts, feelings and insights that bring you even more happiness and peace.

“Wilka is an artist who works with energy. She makes beautiful graphic designs that help you balancing your energy while you are looking at them on a regular basis. She is also a great life coach. I certainly recommend Wilka, as a person and as an artist.”

Robert Oosthout

Lawyer, mediator, author and speaker, Chairman BNI Edison Lelystad, Owner of, Oosthout advocatuur

“There is nothing you have to understand, do or know, just take in the images and let the intelligence of your own energy do the rest.”
– Aysha Wilka Zelders –


This collection of visionary energy art is for you if:

  • you want to turn your home or office into a sacred space
  • you are a leader inspired by vision and possibilities instead of fear and control
  • you look for something beyond words that inspires you, your family or employees
  • you want to wake up with a vision of harmony and beauty
  • you are looking for a powerful energy transmitter that uplifts the energy in your home or office
  • you want to become a conscious dreamer of reality
  • you are looking for a way to open up a (permanent) portal for guidance and inspiration

Just browse through the portfolio on this page to see what attracts you or check out each of the projects to find out what area or subject inspires you most.

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Whizzard Project
Essence Blueprint
DNA Frequencies
Universal Blueprints of Creation
New Cities of Light
  • Transforming Powers of Whirlwind
  • Transforming Powers of Lightning
  • Natural Waves of Love
  • Natural Waves of Lava
  • Healing Waters of Myst
  • Healing Waters of Lava
  • Earthing through Vapor
  • Earthing through Love
  • Creative Forces of Whirlwind
  • Creative Forces of Clay
  • Cosmic Awareness with Whirlwind
  • Cosmic Awareness with Lava
  • DNA-frequency: Surrender
  • Birth through Vapor
  • The Deva of Clay
  • Birth through Clay
  • Balance with Vapor
  • Nuclear Fusion (aka Central Heating)
  • The Green Man
  • Balance with Lightning
  • The Elfen Queen
  • Relationship Essence Hologram: J & H
  • Business Essence Hologram: Mamasté
  • Connecting
  • Personal Essence Hologram: SF
  • Love & Joy
  • Personal Essence Hologram: LvM
  • Entering Waveforms
  • Personal Essence Hologram: JK
  • The Deva of Myst
  • Personal Essence Hologram: GW
  • The Deva of Whirlwind
  • Personal Essence Hologram: JvT
  • Unity in Myst
  • Unity in Love
  • The Divine Feminine
  • The Divine Masculine
  • Emanations of God
  • Fire & Ice
  • Gateway Home
  • Let the Angels Come to You
  • Nature's Joy Unfolding
  • The Birth of Spring
  • The Essence of Horse
  • The Heart Creating
  • Soul Burning Karma
  • Trusting Rebirth
  • The Tempel Of Water
  • Through the Veil
  • Visions Of Lava
  • Alba Mater - The Vessel Of Delight
  • Alba Mater - The Vessel of Delight
  • The Heart Creating
  • DNA-frequency: Letting Go
  • DNA-frequency: Birth
  • DNA-frequency: Communication (Contact)
  • DNA-frequency: Authenticity
  • DNA-frequency: The Collective
  • DNA-frequency: Feminine Energy
  • DNA-frequency: Masculine Energy
  • DNA-frequency: Reflection
  • DNA-frequency: Insight
  • DNA-frequency: Dynamics of Mother Earth
  • DNA-frequency: The All (encompassing)
  • DNA-frequency: Beingness
  • New City of Light Wageningen
  • New City of Light Zutphen
  • New City of Light Praag
  • New City of Light Oss
  • New City of Light Leiden
  • New City of Light Leeuwarden
  • New City of Light Kampen
  • New City of Light Havelte Uffelte
  • New City of Light Ede
  • New City of Light Dordrecht
  • New City of Light Den Helder
  • New City of Light Den Bosch
  • New City of Light Breda
  • New City of Light Belgrade
  • New City of Light Assen
  • New City of Light Apeldoorn