Four steps to consider if you want to actually experience Health, Wealth and Abundance

We all live in a world of abundance and yet for many of us it seems almost impossible to experience. There are many ways we have tried to control this desired outcome and yet, we don’t seem to be able to relax into being healthy, wealthy and abundant. What is wrong with us? Or are we just now learning the new curriculum of creating from Quantum Consciousness?

It is a mysterious road that lies ahead off us. What steps could we possible take to change the way we do what we do, the way we feel what we feel, change the way we create what we create?

Step 1: Let go of the past

Many people who come to me for training or personal consultation are struggling with a feeling of being stuck in a place that does not feel as good as they want it to be. They want to move forward, but seem to be pulled back into the same track over and over again. Do you recognize this? I do.

Letting go of the past is clearly essential, but much easier said then done. But if we look at it closer it is not so much about letting go of the past, but about letting go of the emotional attachment to the past. Resentment, disappointment, loss, or thinking it was better in the past, all hold us back from moving forward.

They say that wisdom is a memory without the emotional charge and I can only admit to that. This is one of the virtues of growing older, you get to collect wisdom and, while releasing the emotional charges, your amount of free flowing life force energy grows along the way. It gives you the chance to be completely ‘present’ in the present, acknowledging where you came from and stepping into the flow of where your life energy wants to move towards.

Not only does letting go of the past create peace of mind in the now, this peace of mind will then be part of each and every next step you take, while expanding along the way. What a perfect key to experiencing health, wealth and abundance in all circumstances.

Step 2: The virtues of Clay

What does clay have to do with this? Well, clay, a combination of water and earth, enables us to mold it into anything we want, even a hollow jar to keep our money in, or use this same jar to beat a gentle drum that attracts attention and community.

When you translate the virtues of clay to the experience of being human, clay stands for the combination of your physical (Earth) and your emotional (Water) experience. In other words, your emotions play a vital role in your physical experiences. If you don’t like your emotions, deny or suppress them, it is even more important to become aware of this vital connection between what you feel and how your world shows up for you. Do you realize you have the power to choose better feeling thoughts and create a different outcome?

You don’t believe me? I challenge you to just try a day, a week, a lifetime of nurturing, lovely feeling thoughts and let the bitter ones fall away. Just watch what returns to you in your world, for you to experience. Don’t you want your health, wealth and abundance to really FEEL good? Or would you prefer longing for evermore, while having it?

“Letting go of the past is clearly essential, but much easier said then done”

Step 3: Flex it, don’t fix it.

Would you agree that your life has changed over the course of time? Life is like a flowing river and we either enjoy the ride, while being on that river, or we try with all our might to hold on to one place and see life flow by. What do you think brings you more joy and fulfillment?

If you want to ride that river you will have a much better chance to experience health, wealth and abundance when you exercise flexibility. You go with the flow, sometimes under, most often above the surface, you move left, right, sometimes even rotate or jump and fall. Sooner or later you learn through trial and error that trying to stay in control is just too much of a strain on your body and feelings of wellbeing. What is required most is your presence with the river, a flexible body and mind and the trust that your river, just like all rivers, is flowing to the same sea of Unity.

Step 4: Drop your Armor

Are you aware you are carrying an armor, just like most people in this world full of challenges, danger and sometimes explicit war? Why would you drop that, you might ask. It might be your only chance to survive! And actually that is exactly the point, should your life be one of survival or of joy, gratitude and possibilities?

If you feel in any way attracted to a life of ‘living’, you should really consider to drop your armor. This armor consist of your apprehensive thoughts about possible dangers, your sensitive but hurt feelings and even your physical tendencies and tensions. Your armor not only protects you, it also constricts you and weighs you down. But most of all it creates a different answer from your surrounding then open arms and an open heart would do. If you want to receive anything at all, openness is key.

I invite you to find a solid level of trust inside yourself and breath that into the world around you. Only when we really trust we can open up to experiencing what life really would like to bring to us. This Blog might be just what you needed to hear from a supportive Universe. Trust your intuition and insights and follow up from where you are right now.

Take care and Namasté

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