Art of Feminine Presence Introduction Day
somewhere between 25 – 29 May 2018, Sweden

1-day experience to discover the simple yet powerful tools of the Art of Feminine Presence. 

For those women who want to taste what the Art of Feminine Presence has to offer them and experience the pleasure of being seen and heard while being with us.

“This course was in one word ‘healing’. It was delicious, very simple and yet so very rich. Now I know it is more important to always move to my inner ‘home’, instead of being in service all the time. This is an immens gift for a woman to give to herself. And to the world.” – Ada

Come and taste what this work is about and give yourself a wonderful day filled with laughter, surprising experiences, deep meditation and intimacy.

During this day you will get a taste of what the 5-day training is like and how diving deeper will surely connect you with the infinite feminine force living in your wombspace. After this you will be so much more ready to embrace the world.

Are you curious to experience how other women express this feminine force?
Are you curious to experience how YOU do this?

Register for this special 1-day workshop in the beautiful center of Solhälla in Sweden (near Gothenborg)

This 1-day workshop will be a tasteful day to help your energy flow more powerfully. And if you get inspired Aysha will come back for more and take you on the five-day journey.

The full training will lay a strong foundation inside yourself which will enable you to bring forth this unique woman in all situations and under all circumstances.

The woman that you are will support you to:

  • become (even more) magnetic
  • move through life with more vitality
  • stay more present with yourself, while you can also be there for your partner, your children and all those other beings to whom you love to give attention
  • share your passion with the world with more joy, ease and grace in your work, projects or creativity
  • enjoy in a relaxed way from the attention you deserve to receive

If you are interested in what this full 5-day training is about, take a sneak peak in the menu beneath

Day 1: Where to find my feminine essence?

As long as the feminine essence is an idea, a concept or even a longing, you will probably not be able to find it. When we chase a concept we stay in our heads and we never learn how to experience and master this essential truth of our design. We are women, and our whole make- up, including our biological anatomy and energetic design, makes us channel life force energy in a completely different way then a masculine body does. How would it feel to embrace and own this and experience love, healing and fun while doing that?!

In this first day I will take your through a series of simple, joyful, beautiful and deep practices and meditations that will connect you with the unstoppable force of the woman inside you; she who wants to step up into the world and create the life her soul inspires her to create. These practices will initially be your tools that later become your natural skills from which you will encounter the world with confidence and peace.

Day 2: How to feel safe while feeling feminine?
  • Have you ever felt unsafe when you radiate your feminine essence?
  • Do you long to be seen, but feel tension or discomfort when it does happen?
  • Do you sometimes pick up too much tension from your surrounding, people, places, etc, and do you then rather choose to retreat?
  • Or do you rather choose to present yourself in a more neutral or masculine posture in order to not be so ‘over-sensitive’ and not be bothered?

There is a way to embrace your femininity while feeling safe and powerful at the same time. The only thing needed is that you learn how to ‘stay home’ in your body. In your feminine body that is! Your center of gravity lies in your belly and when you know how to continue to inhabit this ‘home’ – under all circumstances – you will be present in a powerful and safe way. This is the starting point that opens the doors to enjoying your sensual, feminine, life force in a relaxed way.

During this day you will discover how you inhabit your feminine body en you will learn how to enhance your presence through simple techniques. You will also be surprised by how others experience this difference in you.

Day 3: I want to enjoy being a woman

All in all it seems we – as women throughout the ages – have been receiving so many negative imprints about being a woman that it makes it quite hard for us to embrace our femininity as a blessing instead of a curse. Many women choose to give up their feminine essence in order to appear powerful. But what about if our feminine essence IS our power?

Thanks to the AFP practices I have discovered this as well and live with this juiciness and joy inside my body. And from this openness I meet other men and women. When I delight in my own presence, the world around me rejoices with me. And because I feel safe, everybody can relax.

During this day you will discover your limiting beliefs about your femininity and connect with the flow, the rhythm, the mysterious power and specific beauty of your unique expression of the feminine. Together with the other women you open the door for your delicious essence to enjoy and radiate.

Day 4: Balancing my male - female energies

I am sure you are aware there is also a more masculine oriented energy at your disposal. And I am sure you use it when necessary. The question is how these two elemental forces in you are playing out and how that enhances your natural essence and strength.
Who is behind the steering wheel of your feminine vehicle?
Is your masculine energy driving your feminine body, or is he the supportive passenger next to you.
Are your masculine and feminine energies balanced in a way that makes you feel relaxed and vital at the same time, filling you with the feeling you could continue this for the rest of your life?

During this day you will meet the feminine Yin-power (your inner woman) as well as the masculine Yang-power (your inner man) within you. How do they relate to each other and how can this relationship become more vital and healthy? You will also learn with and from each other how the use of your Yin- and Yang powers impacts the others around you.

Day 5: Moving beyond shame

The shadow is that part of ourselves that we rather keep hidden. Somehow we have adopted the idea that we should be ashamed of certain thoughts, feelings, body parts or longings. This never made them disappear, but we rather hope that we can simply nullify, silence and hide them. However people do pick up what is living in the shadow and this causes a lot of confusion and conflict. That is why it is so good to free your shadow and move beyond your shame.

There is a way to uncover and embrace your shadow which will make you more clear and safe for others. But the biggest gain is that you will learn how to stand for what you really want without taking on a fighters stand. When you free your shadow you also gain much more energy; energy that was used to keep that nuisance under controle.

During this day you will reveal (to yourself and to each other) what you feel deep inside, in this way deepening the love for who you truly are. With the help of inviting, safe and simple exercises you will move beyond the shame and discover the freedom of bringing the truth to the light. You might even discover your biggest assets!


€ 60,00 (or 6.000 sek) 

Bring your own lunch and potluck dinner


Solhälla Oskarshem 215, 444 97 Svenshögens
For registration and questions around organization:

Anna Rain Bamberg:


Oskarshem 215, 444 97 Svenshögen, Sweden