“Who we truly are is far greater than who we wish to be”

– Thunder Strikes –

As you might already know the Earth and humanity are engaged in the process of making an evolutionary leap from three-dimensional to multi-dimensional consciousness. We experience this as an increase in the energetic vibrational frequency, which brings about all kind of physical and emotional reactions, where the mind is struggling to stay in control.

Super food for the soul

The question that arises is will you engage in this inevitable birthing process kicking and screaming or trusting that all is exactly as it is meant to be, gathering as much clarity, free energy, pleasure, ease and joy as you can find along the way.

This powerful collection of artwork is like a box of super food for your soul, helping you to move through this – sometimes very challenging – transformation process with optimal ease and grace.

The images are charged with the frequencies of the New Earth, thus preparing your body, heart, mind and soul for a future where trust, peace and happiness will be the norm, instead of limitation, fear and control.

Reaching into the future

‘The New Earth-frequencies’ (DNA-frequencies) in this collection each represent one of twelve core principles of the different phases of life in which we find ourselves as humans. They indicate how you can deal with the challenges that arise on a daily basis and they provide solutions and insight into where your consciousness is going during the coming years.

With the help of these energetic indicators it becomes much easier to follow the guidance of your future self (who is already calling you) and leave behind your limiting beliefs of who you think you are or should be.

“May the images on this page support you in the evolutionary process of becoming a New Human on a New Earth”

– Aysha Wilka –

Receive support to manifest your dreams of love, peace and happiness

Since all form arises from the Quantum Field – involving all of nature (including humans) – these images are here to support the manifestation of your dreams as well as personal and collective growth and well-being.
Ones you connect with these ‘New Earth Blueprints Of Creation’, your own body, heart, mind and soul will start to resonate with these high frequency energetic patterns and start attracting new feelings, thoughts and experiences in your reality. This actually is an act of both magic and genius.

Connecting is really simple:

  • Relax your mind and invite it to be curious instead of analyzing; the energetic information goes beyond the rational abilities of your mind
  • Ask for guidance from your Soul
  • Choose a DNA-image or (or pull a card from the set) to receive the energetic imprint from your specific superfood goodie.
  • Use your imagination to align with the holographic information
  • Call upon the help of your Soul or your future Self to connect these energy downloads with what needs to be moved, healed, activated or transformed within you
  • And then you trust the Life Force Energy to integrate and balance this energetic medicine with your own body, heart, mind and soul.

Watch an animated impression of the DNA-frequencies holograms and receive your downloads from the Quantum Field.

Let the energies do the work to raise your vibration to the frequencies of The New Earth.

“Dear Wilka and Hanneke, yesterday I received your DNA-frquency Cards, Wow, I can’t keep my eyes away from them. they are so powerful. I feel like I am coming home.”
Jeanne V.

Obtain your own toolkit to work and play with

You can obtain the complete set of frequencies, which comes in a beautiful box containing:

  • a book
  • twelve photo cards
  • twelve hologram cards
  • a cd with ‘channeled’ piano music

All these elements were collected and created in the land of the Cathars in southern France and complement and support each other. The Dutch set with book, photo cards, hologram cards and cd are available for you through the webshop.


In the book you will find

  • all background information – who, when, where, how and why
  • lots of inspiration on how to work with the set, with many examples
  • understanding the difference between photo’s and holograms
  • extensive in-depth channeled messages with each frequency
  • meaning of the cards
  • shadow aspects of each frequency and light qualities
  • meditation with each frequency
  • helpfull index

Through reading the book you will be transported into the deeper layers of the frequencies and you will notice different insights and transformations will take place each time you connect with the information.

At this moment we only the Dutch edition of the book available for you.

If you are part of our international community and you do not want to wait for the English edition, we have made all channeled messages available for you. Please choose the option ‘English PDF’ in the shop and you will receive this file for free.

Bringing them into your life

For those who really want to benefit from these interdimensional portals or just enjoy their beauty and inspiration in their home all these powerful, ‘high-energy attractors’ are available in limited editions of 15 pieces only.

You will find all images of the DNA-frequencies in the webshop, so you can benefit from their energies on a daily basis. Check out each frequency by clicking on the images.

According to your whishes they can be printed on different materials like giclee, dibond, Perspex, alufold or polyester (large flags).

Part of the collection is also available as greeting cards or stickers. You will find them in the webshop as well.


Glicée printing is the best quality of printing available. Done by craftsmen, with durable inks on top quality paper. These are prints that can be enjoyed for more than a lifetime.
– 60 x 60 cm
– 80 x 80 cm
– 100 x 100
– 40 x 60 cm (landscape or portrait)
– 60 x 90 cm (landscape or portrait)


Alumount are artworks printed on aluminium. The shining surface of the aluminium gives extra depth to the art. The artwork changes dramatically in various lighting.
– 60 x 60 cm
– 80 x 80 cm
– 100 x 100
– 40 x 60 cm (landscape or portrait)
– 60 x 90 cm (landscape or portrait)

Polyester banner

Polyester prints are durable, and available in large sizes. Let your imagination run free with wall-to-wall printing.
– several sizes


This amazing and powerful project is co-created by Wilka Zelders, Hanneke Hoppenbrouwer and others.

For much more information on the whole project visit the New Earth Frequencies website.

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