The Shift of the Ages

According to numerous prophecies from across the globe, we now live in a time of great planetary transformation. This is easy to notice when we look around us and see how everything is rapidly shifting: from climate, to social behaviour, to whole groups of people on the move.

All of these visible changes are accompanied by a huge evolution of consciousness, where science, spirituality, art and ancient shamanic knowledge are finally meeting.

Everything is connected

From our new perspective we can now no longer deny that everything is connected. Not only do our actions at home have an influence on events at the other side of the globe, science has now proven that our thoughts and feelings directly influence the reality we experience.

In case you have not been aware of it yet, I promise you that you will soon start to realize that your own consciousness is connected to your family members, your neighbours, your ancestors, your animals and plants, the planet as a whole as well as extra terrestrial life.

The world wide web we use for our modern communication is but a reflection of an all encompassing web of consciousness. Actually, ancient druids called this the ‘Web of Wyrd’, and it stretches out beyond our own limited views and awareness.

And just like the internet this all encompassing ‘Web of Wyrd’ challenges us to grow beyond our comfort zone.

Dreaming up a new reality

When new, inspiring and engaging visions get uploaded in this web of consciousness they will start to influence our own thought patterns, as well as attract all kinds of beings that have the power and energy to actually manifest a tangible reality based on these visions.

The Earth – a conscious being with a power and consciousness many times larger then your individual one – is evolving too. In connection to and response to human consciousness she has been uploading new ‘dreams’ of reality for quite some time.

One essential aspect of the new planetary dream is our evolution from a state of extreme separation, individuality and duality towards an awareness of Unity. The “spirit” of both human and planetary awareness is now forming new energetic blueprints containing this awareness of Unity in infinite variations.

Although it does not look like it yet, the changes we are experiencing are actually bringing us closer to each other.

Holographic Blueprints called New Cities of Light





















From a 5th dimensional perspective these dreams look like holographic blueprints of creation and they appear at locations that already have a strong energy field and attraction. Usually these so-called New Cities of Light are therefore located around existing cities or power spots. Together they form a network of ‘Inner Earth Cities’, sometimes called the Agartha Network.

After their timely activation in human consciousness, these holographic blueprints of the New Cities of Light start to influence our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical awareness in order for us to evolve to a new level of intelligence.

Even without conscious awareness your mind will start to upload new visions of a possible reality.

The images in this portfolio

The images of the 17 Cities of Light in this portfolio are captured by Wilka Zelders between 1998 and 2006. Each of these powerful energy transmitters is available as a downloadable PDF in the webshop.

Wilka works closely with her beloved twin flame Jhadten Jewall from Canada who has facilitated the activation of numerous New Cities of Light all across the planet. He too has created – and continues to create – beautiful images of these energy holograms. For more information, please consult his website.

Learn more or get engaged

Since 1995, people from all parts of the world have been consciously engaged in activating and sustaining these energy fields in our collective consciousness. Over fifty New Cities of Light have been activated in the Netherlands.  If you would like to learn more about these cities or wish to find out in what ways ‘light workers’ in the Netherlands work with various forms of Life Force Energy, please contact Jill van Maasdijk, publisher of a monthly newsletter. You can reach her at +(31) 26 625 5145.


If you are Dutch speaking

Dutch speaking people can obtain ‘De Nieuwe Aarde Sessies’ from the web shop. In this series you will receive lots of information on:

  • the New Cities of Light
  • how to connect with them
  • how connecting with this all encompassing web of love and consciousness will affect you.

But more importantly each session will also take you on a powerful meditation journey to connect with this web and experience its benefits.

Life experience

If you are interested in participating in a New City of Light meditation, consult the event page or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on time and location when Wilka is facilitating one.

If you would like Wilka to come to a New City of Light of your preference to facilitate a special workshop, you can contact her at:

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