Authentic Shamanic Full Body De-Armoring
Expected to be back in The Netherlands in 2024 or 2025 !

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Allow yourself this extraordinary gift to open up for more heart, soul and sex

A once in a lifetime experience! 

When your Soul is calling it is wise to act and make a statement to the Universe.

For several years I was the happy organizer of the Shamanic Full Body Dearmoring in the Netherlands. Since this is one of the most important gifts one can give oneself, I have decided to invite the shamanic facilitators Sabina and Johannes, to come back to The Nethelrands in 2024 or 2025. I am happy to announce they have agreed. Stay tuned to my newsletters for more information. Or connect with me through email:

Body De-Armoring is a deeply holistic and transformative process for body and soul, which only requires two weeks (!) of your time.

Body De-armoring is a once in a lifetime process that gives you a powerful new start in life. Once you have de-armored you stay de-armored. Although the process itself is generally a joyful, beautiful and powerful experience, it’s not so much about the time during the process, it’s more about your freedom in life afterwards. Whether or not you are on a spiritual path, man or woman, young or old, once your armor is gone you can leap into a whole new level of freedom.


Sexual Energy is the Key

Body De-Armoring uses the most powerful and healing energy we have, our sexual energy. Everything in life is made from sexual energy, which creates and regenerates life. As the Grandmothers of this path say: Sex is natural, sacred and beautiful.

Reward yourself with this “once-in-a-lifetime” process, participate in this life changing retreat and step into a greater freedom of choice

Additional to the daily ceremony you will receive powerful extra gifts. 

1.  Private reading and counseling

  • Every attendee receives a rich and full analysis of their Human Aura, giving them a clear picture of where you are on your own personal path of awakening.
  • Private counseling is an important part of our retreats. While we set apart a time for each member of the retreat, we are also always approachable outside of set schedules.

2.  Teachings

3.  Ceremonies

4. Additional Exercises to take with you


Having been the organizer of Full Body Dearmoring Retreat in The Netherlands for several years, I went through the proces myself. In this video I share with you why I am so passionate and dedicated about sharing this amazing experience with you.

What is body armor?

Body Armor is a result from painful, restrictive or intimidating experiences, where we contract on a physical and cellular level as well as in our psyche. As these contractions cumulate, they start to form bands of armor inside the tissue of the body.
Within these bands of armor, we hold patterns of fear, withdrawal and avoidance, most often leading to a sensation of inadequacy and unnaturalness.

Armor restricts the free flowing of our life force, it impacts our health, vitality and sexuality, creates stress and blocks our access to our higher self and our evolution:

Evolution is based on expansion; armor keeps us in a constant state of contraction.


What are the benefits of full Body De-armoring?

By moving through the proces of de-armoring you will gain:

  • more presence and connection in your life
  • Authenticity in your feelings, desires and self expression
  • Deeper access to your sexual life force
  • Freedom from unconscious patterns which are a result of armor
  • Greater access to your free will
  • Greater ease to actualize your potential personally, and in the world
  • More tolerance to pressure and stress
  • A noticeable increase of energy, vitality and health


Body De-Armoring is not a therapy or a training, but a personal transformational process. The participation does not entitle to utilize any aspects of the process afterwards.

If you are unsure whether Body De-Armoring is for you, or if you have a physical or psychological illness, please contact us prior to registering under, so that we can schedule a phone conversation together.

Meet your amazing teachers

Sabina Tschudi, Crystal Cave Dreamer and Johannes Schröder, Star Light Carrier, are both teachers of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, an ancient Shamanic Mystery School of Turtle Island (The Americas).

They live in Switzerland and have over 20 years of experience with this sacred, ceremonial, freedom work.
They have both conducted numerous retreats in Germany, Switzerland, England and USA, working with the teachings of both Spiritual Sexuality (Quodoushka), Body De-Armoring and Resculpting.

Below you will find some answer to questions you might have:

Does this really work?

In this process, you WILL dearmor, provided, that you actively engage, you cannot have Dearmoring done to you, you are an integral and active part of it. Thousands of people have gone thru this ancient shamanic process and have de-armored successfully and joyfully!

How do I know I have armor?

Does your past have limiting impacts on you today (and please do not answer: yes and well, that is true for everybody. It is not.) Are you the best “You”, you aspire and desire to be? Do you feel at ease with who you are? Is your sexuality and creativity as free as you KNOW it can be? And most importantly: are you, in the world, who you truly are?

I am really sensitive, can I still come?

Yes of course. Sensitivity is being really in touch with what you feel in your body. This is actually an asset to the process.

Is there time in this retreat to relax and have some rest?

Absolutely. The group and session times are conceived as such, so that you have time to be with yourself and with nature, to reflect, integrate, and simply be. This is a time of inner stillness from often overscheduled lifestyles, a time to become a “human being” again, rather than a “human doing”.

Will I be safe in the world after I have dropped my armor?

Of course! The world is a good place. There is no need for us adults to protect ourselves against our fellow humans, nor to raise our own arms against them or against Life. Life is well meaning, and so are most other fellow humans. We always will meet pain, as pain is part of life also. However once you de-armored, the need to suffer from pain is much smaller than before. And the ability to enjoy JOY is incredibly greater than inside the armor.

Is there a chance that I will re-armor again if my environment feels to intense for me?

Life is good and well meaning. Life supports the Living. You as an adult are cognitively and consciously in a place where you will always be able to meet Life with all it’s events and waves, without contracting and hiding into a shell. As adults, we do not need protection FROM Life, we need the freedom of connection and having impact IN life.

Is there a follow-up after this retreat?

There is no follow up required. However inside the Retreat, you will learn about many different tools and techniques, of how to stay free of emotional contamination, and most importantly, how to design your every day life, so that you will be full of energy, nourished and fed. In this sense, there are strong recommendations for your own walk in life, however no required follow up’s.

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