Activate your destiny

You can travel on your human road either randomly or you can activate your own destiny. Your choice of direction and guiding systems determines your journey.

When I travel into the Quantum Field of Unified Consciousness I find organized patterns of Life Force Energy. I have come to understand them as ‘Holographic Blueprints Of Creation’ that form the coherent, balanced, energy matrixes for tangible reality.
These Blueprints Of Creation support your human consciousness to create a reality of expanding peace, beauty, interconnected harmony, joy and love. In fact, everything that supports the thriving of your world. This includes your self, your loved ones, your planet and all living beings in, on and around it.
The visionary artwork that I bring forth from these images in the Quantum Field have a unique, delicate, yet powerful impact. They are here to inspire you and nurture your longing for love, peace and creative unity.

These ‘holograms’ provide both direction and guidance, while balancing, healing and activating your destiny along the way. Discover on these pages how energy patterns can provide help on your journey ‘home’.

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Training & courses

  • Full Body Dearmoring
  • Proud to Be a Woman
  • De Nieuwe Aarde
  • Energetische Basiskennis


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